Central Otago Wines

Anthem Discover Pinot Noir

 Glass $11.00 Bottle $55.00

Gibbston Valley Pinot Noir

A tilt of lifted berry fruit coexists with darker plum, as well as leathery, spicy complexitie


Bottle $90.00


Lake Hayes Pinot Noir

Soft, silky & generous with aromas of red plum & cherry.


Glass $11.00 Bottle $55.00

Gibbston Valley Chardonnay

A beautifully balanced wine displaying ripe fruit flavours with considerable length.


Bottle $50.00

Amisfield Sauvignon Blanc

Delicious mineral & ciltrus aromas & a wonderfully crisp palate


Glass $9.00 Bottle $45.00

Gibbston Valley Riesling

Off dry, crisp, refreshing and well balanced. Incisive citrus, lime flavours and firm acid. Excellent food  wine.


Bottle $50.00

Lake Hayes Pinot Gris

Pears, nectarines & gummy bears, off dry & delicious!


Glass $8.00 Bottle $40.00

Gibbston Valley Pinot Gris

Rich, charming and perfect in any company, complet and intensely flavoured with a beautiful lingering persistence.


Bottle 50.00


Sparkling Wines

Lindauer Brut (白)

An internationally acclaimed New Zealand methode traditionnelle with rich fruit flavours. can be served asanaperitif or with any style of food.


Glass $8.00 Bottle $33.00

Kahurangi Vintage Reserve Blanc de Blancs 2013

Bottle $60.00 


NZ White Wines



Oyster Bay Marlborough Chardonnay

Capture the special character of New Zealand ….elegant, assertive wines with glorious fruit flavours mix of stone fruits and quality French oak.


Bottle $43.00

Starborough Sauvignon Blanc


Glass $9.00 Bottle $45.00


Matua Valley Hawkes Bay Sauvignon Blanc(中口)

A bright and tangy Sauvignon Blanc style with ripe melon characteristics and a soft background of zesty  ripe gooseberry flavours. Pairs well with seafood and poultry.


Glass $8.00 Bottle $43.00

Kiwifruit Wine キーウィワイン(甘口)

Fresh and lively, showing distinctive fruit flavours. A product of the Bay Of Plenty . 9.50% alc/vol.


Glass $9.00 Bottle $43.00

Kahurangi Estate Merlot

 Glass $8.00 Bottle $40.00

Starborough Pinot Gris

Glass $9.00 Bottle $45.00


Red Wine

Montana Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot(赤辛口)

A rich, soft,  full-flavoured red wine with elegant oak will matching any red meat based dish.


Glass $7.00 Bottle $36.00

Church Road Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot

Rich and deep in colour with a lively berry fruit aroma and lightly toasted French oak flavours.


Bottle $50.00

Kahurangi Estate Merlot

Glass $8.00 Bottle $40.00

Rufus Stone McLarenvale Shiraz

Bottle $60.00


Tyrrell's Lunatiq 'Single Vineyard' Shiraz

Bottle $80.00


House Wine

Chardonnay (白辛口) Glass $6.50
Bottle $30.00
New Zealand brands, a fresh fruity wine with rich mouth filling flavours.Wines subject to the availability.
Sauvignon Blanc (白中口) Glass 6.50
Bottle $30.00
A lively and flavoursome wine with a crisp, fresh finish. Ideal wine to accompany Asian dishes. 
Cabernet Sauvignon (赤辛口) Glass $6.50
Bottle $30.00
An easy drinking, medium bodied dry red wine. Aged in Oak, it has delightful Cabernet fruit flavours with a pleasant soft finish.

Spirits スピリッツ
Whisky ウイスキー $7.00
Gin ジン $7.00
Vodka ウオッカ $7.00
Rum ラム $7.00
Bacardi バカルディ $7.00
Brandy ブランディ $7.00
Tequila テキーラ $7.00
Bourbon バーボン $7.00
Kahlua カルーア $7.00
Baileys ベイリー $7.00
Malibu マリブ $7.00
Johnny Walker Black Label Whisky ジョニーウォーカー黒ラベル $10.00
Sake  お酒
Plum Wine 梅酒 Glass $8.00
Chinese Sake 紹興酒 Glass $8.00 Bottle $45.00
Japanese Vodka 焼酎(麦・芋) Glass $8.00 Bottle $65.00
Japanese Sake 日本酒 Small $8.00 Med $14.00

Beer ビール
Speights スペイツ $6.50
Speights Old Dark スペイツダーク(黒ビール) $6.50

Monteith's Golden Lager モンティーズゴールデンラガー $7.50
Steinlager Premium Light(2.5%) ステインラガーライト(2.5%) $6.50
Steinlager Pure ステインラガーピュア $7.50
Heineken ハイネケン $7.50
Crown Lager クラウンラガー $8.00
Tiger Beer タイガーピール $7.50
Asahi Super Dry アサヒスーパードライ $8.00
Kirin キリン一番搾り $8.00
Tsing Tao $8.00
Non-alcoholic Beverages ジュース・お茶
Kiwifruit Juice キーウィフルーツジュース $4.50
Apple Juice アップルジュース $4.50
Pineapple Juice パイナップルジュース $4.50
Cranberry Juice クランベリージュース $4.50
Orange Juice オレンジジュース $4.50
Sprite スプライト $3.50
Coca Cola コーラ $3.50
Diet Coke ダイエットコーラ $3.50
Chinese Tea (per person) 中国茶(お一人毎) $2.50
Coffee コーヒー $3.50
English Tea 紅茶 $3.50
Mineral Water (still/sparkling) ミネラルウォーター $4.50
Ice Oolong Tea アイスウーロン茶 $3.00